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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

When Austin Pipes Burst, Call SERVPRO of Austin & Albert Lea

Burst Pipes Can Be a Worst Nightmare

Imagine a peaceful afternoon, or a great dream in the middle of the night. Imagine hearing a popping sound followed by the sound of rushing water. That burst-pipe scenario is actually better than not hearing those sounds. If you walk into (or wake up to) the mess from a burst pipe, there will have been more time for the water to do damage.


First: Hold off on the panic long enough to turn off the water valve to the house.

Second: Call a plumber.

Third: Call SERVPRO® of Austin & Albert Lea at 507-396-6644. We have 24-hour emergency service every day of the year.

SERVPRO of Austin & Albert Lea is an expert in cleaning, disinfecting, and restoring property from water damage. We can’t turn the disaster into a dream come true, but we can take away the nightmarish quality.

So Darned Much Water

Yes, there is a lot of water flowing through the pipes in your home. A burst pipe can release over 100 gallons an hour. A full bathtub holds about 50 gallons of water. Being home when a pipe burst sounds frightful, but coming home to an indoor lake is worse.

No matter when a pipe bursts, it will be at an inconvenient time. There’s never a good time for a disaster. Still, we’re always available, so call us as soon as you know there’s a problem.

Time Matters

Within the first hour, water damages – or even destroys – paper, photographs, and books. Upholstery dyes may run and stain flooring or rugs.

Water can destroy drywall and wood laminate within an hour, dependent on the amount of water and the quality of the materials.

Metal surfaces tarnish within a day.

Microbial growth (such as mold and mildew) starts within 24 – 48 hours.

Reasons that Pipes Burst

Old/weak pipes

Age-related corrosion thins the pipes, which means that they are more likely to burst. Maintenance is the only prevention.

Too Much Water Pressure

If you hear hammering or banging from the pipes, there is too much water pressure. A plumber can install pressure-reducing valves.


Grease, trash, or other muck can block the pipes. You knew that.

Tree Roots

Roots spread out farther than many people expect. Be careful about tree placement, and make sure the pipes are built out of strong materials.


Freezes aren’t a problem in summer, but winter does make a yearly appearance, so make sure that the pipes are insulated.

Call SERVPRO of Austin & Albert Lea

We know how to extract water, even if there are thousands of gallons out of the pipes and into the house. We have dryers and dehumidifiers so there will be no excess moisture to cause more damage.

We are also experts in restoration. Call us at 507-396-6644.

When fire and water take control of your life,

we help you take it back.